Where Are They Now?
Great T.V. and Radio Personalities photos along with a brief bio telling about what they did in the Tampa Bay area and what they are doing now. Ever wonder what happened to them? Find out now! Enjoy!  * Listed Alphabetical By First Name
Nanci Donellan Rich Erickson
Nancy Alexander Rich Fields
Natasha Rich Stevens
Nikki Cruz Rich Unger
Olivia Fox Rick Adkins
Original Q Morning Zoo Rick & Suds
Orrin Young Rick Collins
Page Bryant Rick Marron
Page Kinsey Rick Morgan
“Party” Marti Ryan Rick Randall
Pat Brooks Rock Riley
Pat Chamburs Rock Robbins
Pat George Rocky D (R-Rated)
Pat Largo Robert Pankau
Pat McKay Rodney Justo
Patrick Emory Roger P Schulman
Paul Gonzalez Rolando “The Dirty Little Cuban”
Paul Hayes Ron & Ron
Paul Porter Ron Diaz
Paul Resnik Ron Hart [James Witter]
Paul Reynolds (Sunshine) Ron O'Quinn
Pepper Lypsinx Ron Parker
Phil Bardi Ron Scott
Phil Hawkins Ronald J. Ebben
Phil Martin Ronnie “Night Train” Lane
Q Morning Zoo Rosemary Haddad
Q105 ~ 1976 Jock Staff Roy Nilson
R.J. Reynolds Ruben Fabello
Ralph Beaver Russ Albums
Randy Michaels Russ Offenbach
Randy Myers Russell 'The Love Muscle'
Ray Collins Ryan Bunting
Read Sheperd Ryan Wacker
Reed Coffman