Where Are They Now?
Great T.V. and Radio Personalities photos along with a brief bio telling about what they did in the Tampa Bay area and what they are doing now. Ever wonder what happened to them? Find out now! Enjoy!  * Listed Alphabetical By First Name
'Salty Sol' Fleischman Terry Nichols
Sam McClelland The Arena Twins
Sandy Hall The Fabulous Rockers
Sandy Penner The Greaseman
Scott Chase (Stretchmarx) Tim Coles
Scott Farrell Tim Davisson
Scott Lynn Tim Farley
Scott Owens Tim Watters
Scott Painton The Weather Chick
Scott Robbins Toby Knapp
Scott Shannon Todd Schnitt (MJ)
Scott Springer Tom Chase
Scott Walterman Tom Daren
Sharon Parker Tom Latto
Sharon Taylor Tom Murphy
Shauna Stevens Tom Rivers
Shawn Pyfrom Tom Sirmons
Shayna Lance Tom Steele
Shotgun Charlie Bennett Tommy Chuck
Skip Mahaffey Tony Hamilton
Slim Whitman Tony Zappone
Spyder Harrison Tool (Matthew Ternes)
Stan Major Tramonte Watts
Stephen Stills Tre' Connor
Steve Duemig Uncle Fester
Steve Carney Uncle Johnny
Steve Fredericks Val Ingram
Steve Friedman Valrico Bob
Steve Hall Vanna White
Steve Kelley Vic Waters
Steve Overton Vince Ferrara
Steve Triggs Walt Marsicano
Sue Treccase Ward Smith
Suge Avery Wayne Fariss
Tammy Robiconti Wendy Wax
Ted Carreras Wes Sarginson
Tedd Webb Whitney Johnson
Terrence McKeever Woody Garcia
Terry Drymon Yvonne Painton