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Terrence McKeever

He is one of the funniest men who ever worked radio in Tampa Bay. Terrence McKeever was first heard in Tampa Bay in 1970, when he was a news stringer for WFSO Radio, while he worked at WLOF in Orlando.

McKeever came to WLCY in 1975, becoming a star while doing morning news for Chris Holliday and Jeff Laurence. His stint was cut short by a run in with GTE, they would not press charges if he left town. He did.

McKeever came back to replace Scott Shannon at Q105’s Morning Zoo in 1983. He and Cleveland Wheeler were a smash hit. McKeever’s stay was cut short by a run in with the law involving a DUI.

McKeever has some great stops on his resume’, having worked with Rick Dees, the creator of the Disco Duck song in 1975. Terrence also worked in Corpus Christi Texas in 1996-97 as the co host of the morning show with Doc Weldon at KOUL 103.7.

That is the last anyone heard of Terrence, we get emails claiming he passed away, but we can not find anyone to confirm the rumor. If you hear of Terrence, let him know there are a lot of people who still love him in Tampa Bay.

November 10, 2003 - Update . . .
Yeh tedd... i'm still kickin'...  in the bio you say i left town after a dui. Not true ... left to crank up a new station in san diego... with jack murphy. we whooped butt there... then were hired for star atlanta... thanks for the nice words... think of you often when I hear you on fla... best to ya... Terry

UPDATE: April 16th 2013

Terrance McKeever has passed away as well in Fredericksburg, VA. Terry was first heard on Tampa bay radio at WLCY in the 70s, but had worked at WLOF in Orlando prior to that. He will be best remembered as Cleveland Wheeler’s partner on the Q Morning Zoo at Q105

McKeever was witty and quick as they come, and will always be remembered for his smile, it warmed up the room from a mile away.

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