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Penny Banner

The FIRST AWA Ladies World Champion Wrestler Penny Banner wrestled in the Tampa Bay area in the late 50's and early 60's. She now competes in Senior Olympics, and is a champion swimmer.

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Add the former female wrestling AWA Champion legend Penny Banner, who debuted in the mid 1950s and dated the late Elvis Presley, to the list of those ready to have their autobiographies published.

Banner's life story,  Banner Days, which recounts her life inside and outside of the squared circle, is currently taking pre-orders on her official  website.

Banner began writing the book after the suggestions of a newspaper columnist and Ric Flair's late mother Kay, when they heard her life' s story. Penny tells how she went from a Cinderella to a wrestling champion  who now competes in the National Senior Olympic games.

The book will chronicle dealing with such female champion legends as Mildred Burke and June Byers, her very first tag partner Bonnie Watson, as well many of the other all time favorites of  the Golden Era.  Ella Waldek, Betty Jo Hawkins, Lorraine Johnson, Kay Noble, Judy Grable, Judy Glover, Peggy Allen, Belle Starr and Verne Bottoms were a few of the other pioneers of that time.

The political situations that came hand in hand with being a female professional wrestler during that time period of male chauvinism  are addressed, as well as how women were barred from wrestling in many cities and states. Penny tells how they had to prove their worth to the  wrestling commissioners,  and the secrets of how to keep their suits "ring-worthy."

She recounts road experiences with her three tag team partners. There's fun, there's love, romance, thrills and danger. It would make an exciting, "heartwarming movie," Penny says.

For further information and Pre Ordering  Penny Banners autobiography, visit her website at:
Banner Days Web Site


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