Wrestling Hall Of Fame

Buddy Colt

He was one of the most hated men ever to enter the ring, he knew how to get the crowd going. Buddy Colt, the former Marine, and solid bad ass.

Ronald Reed was a master in the ring, he knew how to wrestle and he knew show business, a great combination for wrestling in the 50s-60s and 70s.

Colt was a headliner in the Championship Wrestling from Florida territory. In 1973 he, Bobby Shane, Mike McCord and Gary Hart were flying back to Tampa after some matches and the rain started. The men tried to land at Peter O’ Knight airport, but the plane crashed into the bay. All survived except for Bobby Shane.

Buddy Colt was injured in the flight, but survived and was able to work as a play by play man for many years. He was outstanding in that role as well.

Buddy Colt sells industrial parts today, and enjoys life more than the average Joe. Colt was truly one of the magicians that gave professional wrestling a solid foothold on the American television audience. The sport is what it is today, because of what guys like Buddy Colt 40 years ago.

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