Wrestling Hall Of Fame

Boris "The Great" Malenko

Larry Simon was the creator of ‘The Great Malenko’, no better heal graced the wrestling mats in the 1950s-60s and 70s. He could work a crowd into a frenzy.

Professor Malenko was a huge contrast to the real Larry Simon. Larry Simon was a family man whose pride and joy were his 2 sons Jodie and Dean. Both were into wrestling, trained by Malenko himself and the legendary Karl Gotch.

Often times you would find Larry with his sons and wife at a bowling alley, or at a movie. What a shocker to the many wrestling fans who thought he was the second coming of the Devil.

     The Great Malenko With
        His Sons Jody & Dean

Malenko and Eddie Graham had some of the greatest blowouts in Fort Homer Hesterly Armory history. Sold out shows when these two would tango. The relationship ended on a sour note and Malenko never wrestled for Championship Wrestling from Florida again. Til the day he died he had a bad spot in his gut for Eddie.

Malenko passed away in the mid 90s from Leukemia. I visited him in the hospital and he told me “I would not wish this disease on my worst enemy’. He fought hard, but at the end it took his strength away.

He would be very proud of his sons, one a pharmacist who became a millionaire through one of his inventions, and the other an international wrestling star.

Larry Simon, The Great Malenko, thanks for the many fond memories.

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