Wrestling Hall Of Fame

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

Bobby started in the American Wrestling Association during the early 1960's, originally as wrestler "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan. In the beginning, Heenan struggled to be taken seriously in the ring. He paid his dues throughout the AWA's major (and minor) cities throughout the midwest and west coast.

Not particularly physically intimidating or tech-nically gifted, his interview ability was obvious from the start of his career, and what really kept "Pretty Boy" Bobby Heenan in upper-mid card feuds with the likes of Pepper Gomez.

Eventually, though, after working hard on his technique, Heenan developed himself into a fairly tough, devious, and often, very cowardly wrestler. But it didn't take long for "The Brain" to figure out that managing was a lot less painful than wrestling. Consequently, right about the time he really came into his own as a wrestler, Heenan began to focus solely on adding members to his growing roster of talent, the Bobby Heenan Family. (By Steve Slagle – The Ring Chronicle)

Bobby and his real family, wife Cindi, and daughter Jessica live in Tampa Bay, and have for many years. Bobby was struck with throat cancer in 2002, and has battled the disease tough. He recently released a book on his life.

Truly one of the nicest men you could ever meet.

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