Where Are They Now?

Howard Stanley

They called him “Stan The Man The Most Unusual”, and judging by attire in his picture, there is no wondering why. Howard Stanley was a TECO employee by day, and a trivia expert by night. Howard started out joining Tedd Webb’s Sports Trivia panel at WPLP in 1978, and followed Tedd to WNSI News One, and finally to WFLA’s Sports Huddle.

Stan was the best, you could not break him. Howard knew everything from baseball (his favorite) to horse racing. He was a trivia nut. He would team with Bucs equipment manager Frankie Pupello, Pig Eye Johnson from Oldsmar, and Dave Jovanovich to form one of the most formidable trivia panels in history.

Stan was a die hard Florida Gator, had been “by the grace of God since birth” he bragged. He was very community oriented, always volunteering at the Shriners Hospital and also at the Children’s Hospital. At Christmas he would dress like Santa Claus and give gifts to the kids.

Howard still lives in Tampa, but his radio days are over since none of the local sports shows do a trivia program anymore. He is still very active in children’s causes.

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