Where Are They Now?

Herb Hunt

Like Rick Morgan, Herb Hunt was a man of many names during his stay at WLCY. He was very successful as Johnny Rebel during his 6-10 PM shift. Monster ratings followed him. He was also Herbert L Hunt when he did newscasts, yes in those days you did a little bit of everything.

After Marshall Cleaver left “Open Mike” for tele-vision fame, the nightly talk show at WLCY was hosted by Herb Hunt. He got involved in the community, started a TIP line to help combat drug abuse. TIP stood for “Turn in Pushers”. The new program did not endear him to the “druggies” in Tampa Bay, he in fact feared for his life.

Herb left WLCY in the early 70's and headed for Washington DC. It was in the nation’s capitol he died of cancer in 1978.

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