Where Are They Now?


Gary McHenry

He is the most invisible of the big name radio celebrities in Tampa Bay. He was in the Tedd Webb wedding party, and has not been seen since.

The best, longest lasting traffic reporter in Tampa Bay radio history. Gary broke into WFLA in late 1974 and has been a mainstay of the radio station.

Gary once rescued a pair of boaters who had capsized overnight in Tampa Bay. His helicopter scooped them out of the water, and the sad thing was another traffic reporter got credit because when the victims were brought to the shore, another stations reporter was there to greet them. The victims thought it was WSUN who rescued them. Now it can be told, it was Garo !!!

Gary is a hard core baseball fan and animal lover. He now ministers to about 6 dogs, maybe more. We don’t know, we have not seen him in a long while.

Gary can be heard doing traffic reports on several Clear Channel radio stations in Tampa Bay. Definitely Tampa Bay Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

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