Where Are They Now?


That is the name you would know him by, radio folks knew him as Scott Langley and his parents knew him as Horace Scott Langley. Froggy was an integral part of the MJ & BJ Morning Show at 93.3FLZ and later on, just the MY Morning Show.

Interesting facts about Froggy, he started as the “buffoon boy”, or working the stunts no one else wanted to do. His popularity grew, huge as a matter of fact.

One day, he was caught in a lie, and was let go by the Morning Show brass. It was not a big lie, but they determined he had a penchant for not telling the truth and let him go, not realizing how talented his contributions were to the program.

A few months later, the station had to swallow it’s pride and admit they just didn’t fully understand Froggy. 93.3 FLZ took him back and he reached higher status than ever before. He no longer was the "stunt man", he now was a headliner.

Froggy left the MJ Morning Show in June of 2002, heading south to Miami’s Y100, as Producer of the ”Kenny and Footy Show”. His presence is missed, his sense of humor, his creativity (lies) and his soulfullness will never be replaced, even if his replacement also goes by the name of Froggy.

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