Where Are They Now?


Ed Bray

Ed was the 'Dick Clark' of Tampa Bay radio in the 1950s. He was on top of the Rock & Roll wave, and rode it strong.

Bray was WALT’s hottest jock, and was always MC'ing the rock shows around the Bay Area. He hosted the ‘Teen-Up Time’ with Ed Bray, Monday through Saturday from 4-4:30 PM.

Ed did "The Pop Shop" on WALT 3 p.m. to sign-off. He was in demand for high school record hops. When management decided to go "Top 40", he decided not to stay on. He said he didn't dig the echo chamber, jingles, up-tempo format, etc. I think the fast board operation scared him. He hosted a Saturday afternoon dance show on WFLA-TV. Since his dad owned the Tampa 7-Up distributorship, his sponsor was that soft drink. -- Ed ended up working for his father.

No one has had contact with Ed for a number of years, but his contribution to Tampa Bay radio will never be forgotten.

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