Where Are They Now?


Eben Brown

Eben Brown is the one of the radio industry's newest news talents.

His very first radio gig was at WETB in Mahopac, NY. As the highly rated afternoon-drive disc jockey, Eben entertained a row of stuffed animals that had crowded around an unplugged radio. Eben would talk into his tinker-toy microphone (complete with a home-made oaktag mic flag) telling his stuffed animals about the weather, the news, the traffic, and then he’d play them the week’s biggest hit on his Fisher-Price Record player: “Mary had A Little Lamb.” It was one rockin’ tune and for Eben it symbolized the glory days of Toddler-40 Radio. Eben had accomplished this feat by the young age of three and a half.

Eben can now be heard in the Tampa Bay area on the legendary Newsradio 970 WFLA. His reports are frequently syndicated around the country on stations in Miami, Orlando, Nashville, Grand Rapids, Cleveland, as well as on CBS Radio News. He is a frequent guest reporter on CNN Headline News' Nancy Grace Show, cronicling the saga of the Debra LaFave teacher-student sex scandal.

He's also reported from inside hurricane zones (during and after the storm) and from the middle of virulent crowds of protestors. He loves having weekends off and you can often find him at Santoro's Amphitheater in Tampa's Ybor City on Saturday nights.

Eben recently won his first Associated Press award for his work.

Update: 2/27/2008 - by Eben Brown

I am just a storyteller at heart.

No, really. I'm a guy who likes to tell you interesting things about your world, and specifically in your community. You'd be surprised at the amount of not-so-ordinary things that go on in your backyard. What makes it a good story? That it IS going on in your backyard, and you don't even know it!

I have no real credentials to do this job other than the ability to observe and regurgitate. If you need to know, I grew up in New York. I have an A.A. in Humanities and Social Sciences and B.A. in Communications. In other words, I didn't have too many difficult classes in college. I witnessed the September 11th attacks in New York City, was one of a long line of network war coverage producers, ran into and out of plenty of hurricanes and spent a couple of weeks meeting U.S. Troops, Seamen, Airmen, & Marines in Iraq.

Along the way, I have worked at WFLA/Tampa, WFLF/Orlando, Florida's Radio Network, CBS Radio News, WHTZ/New York City, WLIR/Spring Valley, WRVO/Syracuse, and WABC/New York City. You'll find me often on CNN Headline News during the Nancy Grace program, and I have been known to turn up on Glenn Beck's radio and television shows.

One of my brothers spent a year in Iraq in the Army. He's now a cop. My other brother creates and serves various culinary concoctions, but is also known to pick up his guitar at least once a month and get the band back together.

I love getting e-mails, so be sure to send one to me at eben@ebenbrown.com