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Burl McCarty

Burl McCarty ( Captain Mac )

Most people remember Burl as Captain Mac. He hosted a kid’s TV show that was spon-sored by Tarnow Sausage, Foremost milk, and Holsom Bread. Captain Mac always had animals on the set and would feature serials like “Sheena, Queen of the Jungle”, “Crus-ader Rabbit” and Flash Gordon. Many Tampa Bay kids would appear on his daily show on WSUN TV CH 38. The waiting list was some-times 6 months long to get on his show.

Burl McCarty was also one hell of a news-man. He held such a position at WSUN radio in the 50's and WDAE from 1963 to 1974. He was a great man, lots of funny stories and loved by everyone who worked with him.

Burl McCarty died in a boating accident in 1985 in Dunnellon.

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