Where Are They Now?

Bryan Brewer

He was a local boy, just out of Chamberlain High School when he joined the Army. Bryan Brewer was fresh out of Uncle Sam’s service, enrolled at the university of south Florida, and then a tour of duty with Newsradio 970 WFLA.

Bryan was famous at the courthouse, his long hair a definite clash with the typical reporter types that infested such government buildings. They loved Bryan, who earned a reputation as being the “go to guy” in the newsroom. He could get the big story, and he had the confidence of many of the “players” in Tampa Bay’s unique political arena.

Bryan Brewer gave Bay Area listeners the best coverage of the NASA launches. He was as common a fixture at the Cape as NBC’s Jay Barberie.

Bryan retired from broadcasting in the mid 90s, and is now working on computers. He builds them, fixes them and plays with them.

Bryan Brewer is a natural for the Tampa Bay Radio Hall of Fame.

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