Where Are They Now?

Brian Fink

Brian Fink's first exposure to radio was singing "The Weather Song" for Mike & Kent, and making appearances on the Top 5 at 9 with Johnny D, both on Q105... that was in 1989, when he was 14. If you asked the people at the Q back then, Little Finky was a major pain in their asses. If you asked Brian, he would say, "Yep, sure was!! But look who's now in radio... and look who's not." :)

Fink started interning at the Power Pig in 1993... back when the "internship program" should have been called the "janitorial program". In his years at WFLZ, he has done everything from cleaning vans, to getting Tom Steele lunch, to being Assistant Creative Services Director, to producing the MJ & BJ Syndicated Morning Show, to being interim music director. He has done every airshift on 93.3... and miraculously has stayed sober throughout it. Fink is currently the overnight personality on FLZ, as well as the host for the #1 rated "Saturday Night House Party"... and will still gladly sing "The Weather Song" on request.

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