Where Are They Now?

Bob Schuman

One of the funniest human beings ever. “Shoes” always kept the place laughing. He was one of the greatest to work for, a real broadcaster with a sense of “fun”.

High points from the Bay Area were News Director and morning drive news at WDAE in 1979. OPs Mgr at WFLA 1988-1989. News Director and morning drive news at U-92 1991. Currently N.D. and morning drive news anchor at WYCD Detroit. He has Been there for 10 years.

“Oh yeah, one more thing”, says Bob. “Captain Mel Berman was kind enough to teach me how to safely handle a boat down there. On my first trip out on his boat as we returned to Pt. Tarpon Marina we approached the fuel dock and began to anchor up. Captain Mel jumped out of the 23 foot Sea Ray onto the floating dock. He extended his hand to me to pull the boat over to the dock. I pulled too hard and pulled him right into the water! But he was a great guy about it!”

Bob can be contacted at newspro@ix.netcom.com

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