Where Are They Now?


Bob Hoffer

Bob was the premiere DJ in Tampa Bay Radio on WDAE in the late 50's until WALT hit the airwaves with its "Top 40" format and completely destroyed him. In 1956 he interviewed “The king, Elvis Presley’, an interview that still lives today in the form of a CD featuring Presley interviews. It is a 5 CD set entitled 'Word For Word'.

He did afternoon drive right after the CBS soap opera block playing Perry Como & Doris Day. He was a popular record hop DJ who took his wife with him so they could dance to all the slow-dance tunes. He thought we were the weirdest-sounding station with fast-paced DJ's, jingles, filter mics, echo chambers, etc. He would say on the air "WALT stands for 'We Are Loud Today' ".

Bob joined the Walter-Weeks group and was General Mgr. of AM 1230 WJNO in West Palm Beach in the 70's until his death. A funny guy and, later, a good radio friend.
-- by Dave Archard

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