Where Are They Now?


B.J. Harris
He was the BJ of MJ & BJ fame, Barry Joe Harris from Tennessee. BJ was one of the original “Three Little Pigs” on The Power Pig along with Marc Chase and Jack Harris back in 1990. BJ Harris is known as a “programming genius”, a title that brings a ton of pressure in this business of radio.

After a very successful run as morning kings of Tampa Bay radio, the relationship strained between MJ & BJ. It just wasn’t fun anymore for BJ, who had very rough duty being a partner on the air to MJ, and also having to be his boss as well. It a very difficult task, a balancing act no one has been ale to manage.

Medical problems compounded the situation, and BJ decided it was time to step down as an air personality. Clear Channel did not see it that way, and he was given the option “stay on the air, or leave”. He left.

All's well that ends well, BJ is back in radio as Program Director of Kiss107 in Cincinnati, yes another Clear Channel station. He is doing a tremendous job in a very competitive radio market.

Update: 1/2003. We now understand that BJ Harris was let go by his station in Cincinnati last week... Good luck BJ... Keep us posted.

Update: 5/2003 he has been named Program Director of KALC... Alice 106 in Denver.

BJ is married to Sharon Harris, they have 3 young boys still at home.

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