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Bill Logan

Bill Logan has been "on TV" for more than half his life. His call letter-intensive resumé lists stops in various Southeastern cities from Maryland to Florida... doing everything from consumer reporting to news and sports anchoring and even forecasting the weather. In fact, Bill worked at three of the local news outlets in the Tampa Bay area before leaving for a sportscaster gig in the Carolinas in 2001, only to return two years later as a host for America's Store.

"It's a great opportunity to combine entertainment, information and great deals... all while having a great time," he said. "In local television, you've got to hurry up and do everything so quickly, you hardly get a chance to connect with the folks at home. I look to getting to know the viewers, even as they get to know me!"

Update: April 2005
Bill Logan has been with ABC Action News Since March 2004, and says it's great to be back home.

Bill's been a familiar face with viewers in the Tampa Bay area, anchoring newscasts, presenting weather, and telling stories on the local airwaves since 1987. In between stints with the local stations, Bill's been a media relations representative with Disney in Orlando, a sportscaster in North Carolina, and was even a Home Shopping host.

"I've moved 'back' to Tampa Bay twice before," he says. "I gotta believe that the third time's the charm!"

Bill and his family (wife, two daughters, two dogs and two cats) live in the Tampa Bay area... and they're loving the re-discovery of all that the bay area has to offer!

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