Where Are They Now?

Bill Hennes

WBRB [Detroit MI] 1960
WLIN [Detroit] 1961
WJEF [Grand Rapids MI] 1961
WIBM [Jackson MI] 1963 - Wild Willy
WTRX [Flint MI] 1964 - John Paul Jones
WTAC [Flint] 1965 - Wild Willy
WKLO [Louisville KY] 1966 - Wild Willy
WNHC [New Haven CT] 1967
WKLO [Louisville] 1971
CKLW [Detroit] 1973
WNDE [Indianapolis IN] 1975
WFBQ [Indianapolis IN] 1975
WLCY [St. Petersburg FL] 1975
WIFI [Philadelphia PA] 1976
WMAQ [Chicago IL] 1981
WKQX [Chicago IL] 1981

UPDATE: 8/19/2012
Now: Running Bill Hennes Media, a program consulting company from Pompano Beach, Florida. Bill consults Country, CHR, Hip Hop, Classic Rock and Oldie stations" (Phone 954-934-7814).

Also, he launched www.allaboutcountry.com, a Web site for Country radio stations in 2000. It quickly became the site that Country PDs, MDs, consultants, owners, and jox get updates on Country radio news, industry news, music news, information. Registration is free and the site is updated 24/7."

Email: BHennes105@aol.com