Where Are They Now?


Arch Deal

18 years as major on air anchor and assistant news director for WFLA-TV. 2 years as news anchor and news director for WLCY-TV... Miller Lite All Star for 10 years, running the Miller Sky Diving Team... and at the same time, flying and reporting traffic for Q105 for ten years.

He now operates the Voice of Business, performing custom narrations for major national clients and also teaching Mass Communications at Hillsborough Com-munity College, Ybor Campus.

Web Site: www.voiceofbusiness.com

Arch's kids include: Karen, married to Marty Balin of the Jefferson Airplane and Starship; Diane, Shari and Michelle of Tampa; and son Doug. Count 'em, he has six grandchildren and (would you believe), four great grandkids. (and only three wives). Arch had the pleasure of working with the great one, Tedd Webb when Arch was news director of WLCY-TV (now WTSP-TV).

Arch Deal appeared on To Tell The Truth, 2/27/73. This photo is a close-up of him standing with the two impostors.

On To Tell The Truth, he and two impostors tried to stump the celebrity panel about which was the real Arch Deal, who jumped forty times for his 40th birthday... which was October 5, 1971.

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