Where Are They Now?


Andy Hardy

Andy came to Tampa Bay in 1963, fresh out of school in Beaver Falls, PA, the home of Broadway Joe Namath.

Andy had very little experience, but he had a lot of guts and a good knowledge of sports. He asked Sports Director “Salty Sol” Fleischman at WTVT Ch 13 for a job, and got it. Andy was the darling of the local sports crowd.

Andy was a great prankster on road trips. He loved the little Fart bag gimmick Tedd Webb used in elevators. Once on a baseball owners meeting in New York City, Andy and Tedd rode the elevator at the Waldorf Astoria for hours goofing on the international set, with the Fart Bag.

Andy was unceremoniously retired from WTVT, only to die from Cancer a short while later.

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