Radio Memorabilia

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The Fabulous Rockers

Here's one snapped of The Fabulous Rockers Tony Lopez during the actual recording of "Will I Still Be Loving You" at Criteria Studios in Miami. The photo was snapped by Tampa disc jockey, Rock Robbins (Robert Bernstein) who traveled to Miami with us for this session.
Here's one Tony Lopez snapped through the glass of a recording booth at Criteria Studios in Miami during the same recording session when The Rockers did their signature song, "Will I Still Be Loving You". That's Roger, Manny and Donna singing into the mike
Here's a real classic rare photo of the band taken at Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory with Manny DiCastro. Do you remember Manny? The photo was taken by Waldo Diaz at Manny's request, do you remember Waldo?

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