Radio Memorabilia


JFK’s visit to Tampa, FL -- 2 days before his
assassination in Dallas, November 20, 1963
Bill Carlisle of Ruskin, FL writes "I'm writing this to let you know that, while perusing your photos, I happened to recognize an individual in the picture of JFK visiting Tampa in Nov. '63. The man standing immediately to JFK's left (our right) and facing the camera (partially obscured) is my late father-in-law, J. Fred Dickman. Fred, as we knew him, gave the invocation at Al Lopez Field that day."

"He was an Episcopalian Priest back in the day, before leaving the church to become a psychology professor and substance abuse counselor. He helped many people from all walks of life, through his years as a priest & counselor. He was as Liberal as they come, but he actually did GOOD things by helping people help themselves. (Hell, ALL of my in-laws are Libs, but I don't hold it against them too much! ;) )"

"He retired from USF as Professor Emeritus around 1996, just as my wife and I were about to be married. Unfortunately, he passed away in October 1996, about 4½ months after we were wed. I wish to God that I had had more time to get to know this wonderful, caring, but occasionally cantankerous (In a good, humorous way) man. He was one of the few TRULY GOOD Liberals that I've ever met in my lifetime. (Most mean well, but actually do more harm than good, in my humble opinion.)"

"Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know a little bit about an otherwise anonymous face that happens to appear beside one of the most famous faces in all of American history."

Thanks... Bill, all information is appreciated. -- Teddy


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