Tampa Bay Garage Bands

Wally Dow (Ronnie Lowe & The Dominoes)

I was there in the Dominoes when Guy Page came into the band. We added him to make it a 4 piece band to get gigs after Mickey left the band, and Nick was added as drummer because Louis Barrows was involved in other things at the time. It was after this that we used the name The Dominoes, and it is correct that Tom Hankerson was the one who sort of named us. I actually left the Dominoes in mid 1962 and joined The Imperials which later got the gig at the Anchor Lounge in Naples. Sterling and I talked about this, and he remembers it too. At one point Pat's Supper Club was called The Tyrone Inn for a time. Pat Pasquale (I am unsure of that spelling of his last name) owned the club. He was a WWII hero who stood on the deck of one of the ships at Pearl Harbor and literally shot at Japanese plains with a hand held Machine Gun, and brought down seven of their fighters.

I lived with Ronnie's family for a short time during the Pat's Supper Club days. His mom, Anisi Lowe was a real gem and a super great person. I also knew Ronnie's dad, Carl Lowe. Ronnie's mom worked at Bay Pines. His dad had a place in the old undeveloped area between the location of Pat's and Bay Pines, and it was way back in the woods that used to be there.

http://myspace.com/wallydow                     (Photo above taken in 2003 / Photo below taken at age 17)