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Vic Waters &The Entertainers

This was a combination of 2 bands, The Impacs and a Virginia band, The Spinners. Vic Waters was the lead singer, though Jerry Michael sang lead on several of their songs as well, including their Capitol Records release ‘Taking Inventory’, an old Eddie Floyd song. The band went on to record ‘I’m White and I’m Alright’ an answer to James Brown’s ‘I’m Black and I’m Proud’

The Entertainers would sell out local venues along the Dale Mabry strip, a huge local following would go where ever the band played. The Entertainers were a top notch band, explosive, great vocals, and a great show. No band has ever showed that kind of power locally.

Vic Waters & The Entertainers formed in 1966, and played together until the early 1970s before going their separate ways. Vic lives in his native Georgia, has recorded several solo Cds, Jerry Michael lives in Nashville, where he has become a very successful record producer/song writer. Lance Abair’s daughter Mindi has released her own CD, she also backed up the Back Street Boys on their tours. Tom Saitta is doing solo work from time to time in Las Vegas. Bobby Barnes has regrouped the Impacs, and they play on a regular basis around Tampa Bay.

Update 6/26/2005
In the original group of eleven members also included Gene Hilliard on Baritone Sax. He has one of the biggest sax sounds of anyone I know. Gene has moved back to the area from Houston and is living in Dunedin, FL and has a music store in downtown Dunedin where he sells and repairs band instruments. Knowing Gene, he would be the guy I'd want to work on my horns if I were back there. His ballsy bari sax contributed a lot to the big sound that we had.

-- by Lance Abair

The Entertainers

The Entertainers "Circa 1971"

The Entertainers

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