Tampa Bay Garage Bands

The Trojans - 1966The Trojans

Band members from left to right are: James Spoto, bass & vocals; Mike Regar, lead vocals & keyboard; John Trujillo, drums: Tom Saussy, rhythm guitar & vocals, and David Lasswell, lead guitar & vocals.

Looking back, I would say the band was playing its best in '66. We were all juniors at Plant & Jesuit High, gigging every Fri. & Sat. at various 'teen' venues throughout the state. Sixty-six was also the year we cut our record, "The Kids Are Alright / Leave Me Be" on the "Boss" label. We were thrilled to see it chart into WALT's top 5.

As I'm sure you will agree, the Tampa Bay rock 'n roll scene was pure excitement and very competitive. It cross-linked musicians from Tampa, St. Pete & Clearwater into a true fellowship. Talent everywhere! I know I speak on behalf of my fellow Trojan - band members when I say it was a privilege to be a part of it. With the exception of James Spoto, who resides in CA., all remaining members are alive & well and reside in the Tampa Bay area.

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