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The Night Beats

 From left to right:

  • Joe Arkansas (Hudspeth). Has been living in the Dubuque, IA area since the mid'60's.
  • J.D. Renney. Was living in Bradenton in the early 90's. He was the oldest member and had gigged around St. Pete (lived in Largo) before joining the 'Night Beats'. He's the one who lined up the gig at Pat's.
  • Dave Barton. Was an agent in Nashville for many years and now retired.
  • Gary Myers down in front

This is the Night Beats, the Florida band that went on the road in January of '62. This is the way we looked in late '61 while working at Pat's Supper Club in St. Pete.

UPDATE: 3/30/2014 by Gary E. Myers

J.D. Renney died 9/25/2011. Joe is still in E. Dubuque (I spoke with him this past year for the first time in many years). I occasionally still hear from Dave, who seems to be doing well, still in Nashville. I think he has returned to Bradenton for some H.S. reunions.

I'm still playing here is SoCal... I've averaged 2+ gigs/wk ever since I left the full-time clubs in '82 and these past several months have been my busiest in years. I released a new album in late 2012, "Change Comin' On" by Gary E. (more info here: http://gary-e.music-gem.com ), and many of my record collectors articles are online here: http://www.topshelfoldies.org/gary_myers.htm

My primary site is: http://www.music-gem.com/index.html
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