Tampa Bay Garage Bands


"My Own Hero"

"My Own Hero" is a Tampa Bay based band that captures the essence of Brit Pop melodicism and tenacious blues/rockabilly derived guitar solos mixed with infectious sing along melodies that grab you by the short hairs and won't let go. "My Own Hero" combines their unique style with crooning emotional angst of youth and a mature musical delivery.

"My Own Hero" was formed in late 2002 when Damian Bacci (guitar, vocals) and Sean McDonald (drums) disbanded their former band, "Blue Flame Combo," a rockabilly/pop-punk act signed to England's psychobilly label "Nervous Records."

The band is now building on their prior foundation and forging a new path in musical direction and focus. With bassist Cindy Sexton, MOH has resumed production of their new CD and are again burning up venues in Central Florida.

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