Tampa Bay Garage Bands


Mighty Manfred & The Wonder Dogs

Nick Baromei, Alan Lutzk, Scott Smith, Frank Marlin, & Frank Del Vecchio formed this band in the mid 60s in Tampa Bay, and they were a true definition of a ‘garage band’. Raw gritty sound, very danceable, very soulful.

Mighty Manfred backed up the ‘fake Mercy’ when they went on the road doing the hit single ‘Love Can Make you Happy’. They appeared on American Bandstand and several other venues when the song was hot.

Mighty Manfred recorded several songs for Gil Cabot’s labels in the late 60s.

In 1968 Frank Martin dropped out and was replaced by David Green on bass. Scott Smith was replaced by Ken Hoye on B-3 and keyboards. Also had a record (45) on the Atco label in 1970 called Join Hands that had a lot of local air time. Nick Baromei, Alan lutzk, and Frank DelVecchio still play locally with different groups. Delvecchio with the group Mainstream. David Green moved to north Florida. Ken Hoye is a Real estate broker in Clearwater, Florida.

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