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John Brumage

Truly a name every Tampa Bay Roc 'n Roller remembers from the “Golden Era” of local live music. He was a producer, engineer, a guru of the local rock 'n roll scene, and it paid off for him.

Here is John's bio:

  • Recording Engineer, Rosebud Studio, New York City.
  • Designed and Installed new mixing board. Recorded and mixed Symphony of Cacophony My only "Serious Work" as defined by the ASCAP.
  • 1964-1969 CHIEF ENGINEER - Charles Fuller Productions, Tampa, Florida.
  • All aspects of audio and 16MM film production. My mentor Charles Fuller Hunt was an innovator in film for 30-second TV commercials.
  • Produced and engineered records including international gold record hits "Snoopy vs. The Red Baron" and "Baby, Let's Wait."
  • Operated acetate record cutting lathe, high speed audio tape duplication equipment.
  • During this time, managed and traveled with Florida show band "Noah's Ark"