Tampa Bay Garage Bands


Dann Eliassen,
Mike Mycz,
Bruce Knox
Jim O'Brock

BOOT formed in 1963 as the Allusions. A few years later changed our name to the SPLIT ENDS (recorded Rich With Nothing / Endless Sea at H & H) then a few years later became BOOT... 12 years together with the same four guys: Dann Eliassen, Mike Mycz, Bruce Knox and Jim O'Brock. (The first band I was in stayed together for 12 years!) We recorded at Starday-King in Nashville (James Brown's studio for his big hits.) Our albums were: BOOT and TURN THE OTHER CHEEK. Over the years we played on a Dick Clark Tour "Happening '67" and the Dick Clark band contest show "Happening '68".

We played with Canned Heat, Jefferson Airplane, Iron Butterfly, Steppenwolf, B.B. King, Neil Diamond, Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and a BUNCH of one-hit wonders. A few years after we broke up, Bruce Knox died of pancreatic cancer. Dann Eliassen played with some Beatles cover groups. He is now living in St. Amant, LA not playing music. Mike Mycz whereabouts are unknown. I last heard he was an indian chief or something! Jim O'Brock is living in Shreveport, LA. Became an accountant and company pilot for Louisa Health Resorts (Remember Louisa International Spas in Tampa? Same lady.) When the health spa became a casualty of the 80's economy, he opened a handyman business and has been doing that for 20 years. Still plays drums for the past 19 years at First Assembly of God in Shreveport... about a 3000 member church.

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